Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Foundation, Basements & Exterior Walls
  • Inspect visible foundation areas, pipes, vents and ducts
  • Make sure air vents indoors and outside are not blocked by snow or debris
Doors and Windows
  • Test automatic garage door opener
Electrical and Appliances
  • Inspect dishwasher for leaks, clean kitchen exhaust fan filters
  • Replace dirty filter in range hood fan
  • Test ground fault interrupter receptacles and circuit breakers
Plumbing & HWH
  • Check for caulking cracks and separations around sinks, bathtubs, toilets, countertops, back splashes, faucets, window sills and other areas
  • Inspect and clean faucet aerators and shower heads and check drainage
  • Pour water down unused drains
Heating & Cooling
  • Check air filter in A/C and clean or replace as necessary
  • Vacuum air supply and air return registers to remove dust
Interior General
  • Check fire extinguishers to ensure they are fully charged
  • Clean disposal blades by grinding up ice cubes. Freshen with citrus fruit rinds and baking soda
  • Regularly check the house for safety hazards such as a loose handrail, lifting or buckling carpet, etc.