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Every seller will agree that the most important point to achieve a successful sale is getting the right asking price. Today buyers are well-educated and know what is priced right, and that is what they buy. Here is a simple look at why price is important and how to set the best price for your home.

Why is Price so key?
Every seller wants to get the highest price possible for their home. It is natural to want to maximize the return on your investment. If you overprice your home, you can scare away some of the most qualified buyers. Today buyers may not even visit a home they believe is out of their price range. After an overpriced home has been on the market for months, buyers begin to think something is either wrong with it or it is priced to high. After losing months, a seller of an overpriced home often needs to make a deep price cut to get it sold. Underpricing a home can bring in lots of lookers and will usually result in a quick sale. In exchange you do not get the cash you should have gotten. Sellers who price their home right from the start attract good buyers and sell it within a reasonable timeframe for the best price.

What determines price?
When you decide to sell your property, I will conduct a professional market analysis to help you decide the best price for it. Market conditions, supply and demand, and the condition of the home will all factor into the final price for your home. The most critical factors are:

Condition - Is the home well-maintained both inside and out?
Location - Is it close to schools, shopping, churches, public transportation, offices, etc.?
Competition - What is the condition, price, and availability of similar properties for sale nearby?
Sold Competition - What did similar size, style and homes nearby sell for?
Selling timetable - Do you need a quick sale? Can you afford to wait for your price?
Market Conditions - Are homes like yours in demand? How quickly do homes like yours sell?

How can Miguel help?
It is my business to stay on top of the market. I have the means to quickly and accurately compare your home with similar properties which have recently sold as well as similar properties currently on the market. With up-to-date information, you will know the market value of your home and can set your price to get it SOLD.

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